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This may provide not only the popularity of the service, free of e-learning courses (eg., but the test results, which indicate that the participants of the educational process they want to change the approach to education – from static to interactive. It should therefore be a brief overview of the opportunities offered by people who want to learn modern interactive education tools. It is certainly not that we’ve looked at all the possible forms of education on the Internet and computer – here, the changes are so fast that at least dozens of online tools that can be successfully used in education, was established in the last 3-4 years. Interested should refer to the article “One Hundred most important educational tools 2007.” What are the latest trends in interactive education? You can track achievements interactive education on the Internet, but should also go for some significant educational fairs, for example. Education Show in Birmingham, BETT – British Education and Training Technology in London, the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow. A visit to the exhibition will be a unique experience and at the same time a big shock for someone who has to deal with only Polish education. After taking part in an event like this you can really fall into depression (which happens to some), because of the physical, tangible experience of the educational experience gap between Polish and Western European countries, in this case the United Kingdom. In recent BETT exhibition in January 2008. It was attended by 600 exhibitors and over 30,000 visitors. Interactive tools, such as e-learning courses, educational online games, the mechanism that allows the wiki projects in collaboration with other Internet users, blogs are already significant – and growing – impact on the way educational materials are produced and disseminated. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities. Educational Computer games and simulations used for training can not be a new discovery in education, but certainly still in the focus of new technology companies. This is evidenced by, among others, moguls involvement in the production of educational games (eg. IBM and Innov8), and we should also recall that the pioneering project of 3D games are simulators for the US Air Force. Who said that only young people have the right to learn and play such educational toys? Graeme Duncan Caspian Learning says that playing computer games, including the educational, already ceased to be the domain of children and adolescents. It has become a common activity involving all generations. A study of adults over the age of 65 years carried out in March 2008. By the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), showed that 68% of respondents are aware that it can participate in network games with the participation of people in a completely different locations, while 64% indicated that would use for this purpose a computer and the Internet. To the popularity of games it has contributed mainly enlargement games for all subject areas of social activity, including and education. “Interactive games provide organizations with an educational opportunity to create such a learning process, which is in the center of the learner and increases its motivation, is a personalized, embedded in a specific, context-rich educational, allows you to get feedback, and primarily provides its participants the opportunity to experience failure, without negative consequences with which we have to deal in reality, “- says Duncan. The use of such games can be unexpected. Such as “Assistant Judge” (Referee’s Assistant), which allows you to feel the role of the judge during football matches and teaches the basic principles of football – once in practice, because “the ball is in play.” This shows that educational games are rapidly gaining the training market and perhaps will soon be an inseparable part of his. Wikis, blogs and services społecznościoweOd few years, Web 2.0 has attracted considerable excitement among the people involved in education. The process of creating a community on the Internet may not would be unremarkable were it not that these communities not only exchange information and knowledge but have also started to learn using interactive tools. Such a mechanism can include a wiki, which allows multiple authors to work on educational projects in a particular subject area. It’s a completely new quality allows you to create collections of valuable knowledge that will be more tailored to the recipient with a view to which they arise, than traditional development. In Poland, so just develops eg. Free movement Textbooks, which aims to create open educational resources as a result of the joint action of many teachers. In a similar way the community operates bloggers widening educational resources and promoting knowledge in a way you have not seen. Both forms are already a big impact on how educational materials are created and how they are disseminated. It is also noteworthy presence in Second Life, which is an example of the virtual world, where everything is possible, even high-quality education. In this game you can study online network by taking part in various courses and trainings offered by various educational institutions and companies (eg. Cisco has here his “island training”) from all over the world. Karl Kapp, author of “Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning”, believes that it is the virtual worlds are the future of e-learning. Facebook generation services based on a combination of friends and friends (Facebook, Our Class), affiliation or different groups (Linkedin) carry a high potential educational not only for making friends and exchanging information, but also access to sources of knowledge. Participants in the community can quickly make new friends through their friends and reach out to people who have the desired information and knowledge in specific areas. It is also a real treat for companies that are looking for in the way of earnings – creating a closed and paid clubs for their users, eg. study bay In Facebook (as it has recently done Financial Times), can create for them special programs, providing its customers knowledge or information widely available on the market. M-learningZainteresowanie mobile education intensified with the development of tools that enable unlimited use of educational resources on the Internet – mp3 players, iPods, more advanced mobile phones or game consoles. Using these tools holders can – literally – to learn on the move: regardless of time and place. The best results can be seen already in language learning. On the Internet, there are thousands of podcasts that offer great courses in various languages ​​in the world. The resources of iTunes can find not only recorded and divided into sections lessons, but also scenarios by which we can freely learn on their own, listening to the course, teachers in their native languages. Another example is also significant – the prestigious American universities (eg. MIT and Stanford) have decided to enter in the network of its resources lectures. In this way, students from outside the United States have access to world-renowned experts sharing their knowledge on all sorts of topics. You can rip them to your mp3 player and deepen their knowledge in a way hitherto unattainable. M-learning is therefore in front of a great time, and the popular, low cost and increasing multi-functionality of mobile phones makes it will be one of the most important trends of equal opportunities in access to education (read also: Mobile devices in education and is a cell, not PCs , eliminate the digital gap). 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Send (); }); / ** / Increasing the autonomy of universities – including the creation of self-study programs, habilitation procedures and reduce the restriction of multiple employment common at many universities – these are some provisions of the draft amendment to the law on the reform of higher education in Poland, which was adopted on September 14 by the government. As reported information age of the Government Center, the project provides for the reform of the universities – “with the support of scientific authorities, employers and experts in the field of economy” – will be able to create their own study programs. While the new rules introduce the so-called. Qualifications Framework, which describe learning outcomes. The amendment envisages the abolition of the requirement for approval of regulations and statutes university studies by ministra.Poza the draft amendment to the Act introduced a catalog of free educational services provided to students university paid and unpaid. Enhance the protection of student rights are and to serve civil law contracts between the university and the students of full-time students in public universities. “The reform will increase the number of places on free daytime courses. Each student state university receives a pool of points that will give him free to study at one direction. 10 percent . the best students will gain the opportunity to study at the expense of the taxpayers of the second direction “- in turn, informs the Higher Education sent to PAP komunikacie.W result of the reform there will also be a new offer interdisciplinary studies combining different fields of study. According to Higher Education, will give the students a chance to pursue their own aspirations without having to connect a separate study on self kierunkach.Prawo create new directions and programs of study will gain privileges habilitacyjnymi universities. The amended law will allow the involvement of employers and operators in the development of curricula and dydaktykę.W project foresees the appointment of the Ombudsman for the Graduates, which is “to strive for the opening of regulated professions and facilitate graduates in the labor market.” Universities will be required to monitor the fate of their graduates professional “.The project envisages the introduction of transparent competition procedures for positions in universities and more open to researchers from abroad. Procedure confer a PhD degree will be reduced from 11 to approx. 4 months. According to the amendment, the scholars they can be employed for a maximum of two full-time jobs. the schools will be prohibited “subordination of relatives and spowinowaconych, which could lead to biased decisions and non-objective scientific assessments” has spread .Reforma employed in competition procedures, and information about vacancies in higher education is to be generally available through the so-called. electronic post ogłoszeniowego.Nowością promoter institution is secondary at the doctoral, who – according to the assumptions of the authors of the reform – is to support the growing number of scientific doctorates. in addition, under the Act will be introduced recognition of equivalent qualifications obtained in EU countries, the European Economic Area and OECD.Projekt provides that all public universities will receive a subsidy from the state budget office as usual. In addition, the quality-fund will be set up, for the benefit of the status unit of the National Scientific leading centers (KNOW). They will be – selected through competition – universities, faculties or scientific institutions – public or private – with the greatest scientific potential in the country. “The decision to grant the status KNOW will be determined by independent juries of international experts.

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